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What Can You Expect From Orange County House Cleaning?

House Cleaningority of cleaning companies have set ways of cleaning. House Cleaning is the most personal cleaning company can provide. Literally cleaners will know every corner in you house. There are so many details that no other types of cleaning has it. You are in close contact with customers and small misunderstanding can lead to the cancellation of the service. Fact is that each customer has different needs. We strive on customers needs and listen to their wishes. This is very important to us especially when talking to customers who have had bad cleaning experiences before. We know that it is very important to establish the customers needs prior to the first cleaning. Customers like when we go into great detail by asking the right cleaning questions. We talk about what we clean, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Our home-estimates are conducted with a professional and courteous attitude. There are hundreds of small house cleaning companies in Orange County that have no trained, professional staff. Most of them have no system in cleaning. Therefore misunderstandings between customers and cleaning compy often occur.

We recommend deep cleaning as a first cleaning before we start regular maintenance cleaning. It is important if you want to save money because home after deep cleaning cleaners will be able to clean faster. Also to have a cleaning of higher shelves or under and behind the couch will help to keep house in good condition. Then we can estimate lower cleaning time and save you money. We are immensely careful while hiring our staff. They are trained under the supervision of our senior specialist. Our workers are friendly and take pride in leaving customers homes sparkling clean. We like pets and we carefully clean around them. That’s why we have become a highly regarded cleaning company in orange county with many customer recommendations and reviews.


This company started Owner Jozef in Orange County as single cleaner many years ago. Working for other company and not satisfied with company chaotic system and poor results plus no matter how hard he worked using chemicals that sabotage his positive attitude and afraid of his health gave him clear vision about how cleaning should look like correct way and understand how important is focusing not only on satisfying all customer needs but also cleaners needs, because only happy and healthy cleaner can produce quality service and provide great experience for all customers. Mission was very clear. Save time for our customers, so they can spend more time with family or friends and helping them live in healthy clean home without breathing pleasant smell of harm chemicals after service. Green product was a big deal for Jozef, but now everyone is happy and customers doesn’t have to be worry of their little ones health anymore. Also he knew that healthy cleaner is long term cleaner.

Bringing green product that will do the same job as harm chemicals wasn’t easy task but over the time system was establish and OC Cleaning company was born. Now offering not only House cleaning services ( regular, custom, deep, move in/out, post-construction) but also carpet cleaning, window washing , tile and grout cleaning, power washing.

That is why he created cleaning system without chemicals with some trick that will make cleaning easier especially trick that will reduce back problems for cleaners. We all know, that back problems is one of the most common reason why cleaners can not continue doing good work , why they cut corners and generally not doing good job.

We know that cleaning is one of the most personal service that customers can order on market. That is why choosing people for this company is Jozef’s priority no.1 He personally train crew so doesn’t matter who company will send, customer can experience same service. That will solve problem of biggest customers fear of having professional company who sending different cleaners more often than appose independent cleaners. Customer usually skipping service, but now they don’t have to anymore. Whoever we send is professionally trained and produce same results.


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